Is it so hard to find a girl?

One that’s morally upright,

yet not uptight?


A girl who’s not a robot,

or a snob,

or secretly a man named Bob?


Would it be too much to ask for a laid back woman,

who’s not Mormon,

and doesn’t nag every second?


Just a girl who is kind,

genuinely smart,

who’s looks don’t go straight to her head,

and who doesn’t think I just want to get her in the bed?


Is it so hard to find a girl like that?

A girl that lets me be me,

and doesn’t ask me to change a thing?


A girl who acts the same everywhere,

and finds happiness everywhere,

even in the dark corners of time,

where the poison of doubt lies?


Someone who tells the truth,

and doesn’t play games?

A girl who doesn’t question when I’m late,

insinuating guilt and creating shame?


I’m beginning to think that girl isn’t out there.

I’m beginning to just not care.





~ by ardentbowel on May 7, 2013.

3 Responses to “Searching”

  1. Unfortunately I think you may be right, high expectations!

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